26, female.

Registered Nurse from University of the Philippines Manila. Took 1 year of med school at West Visayas State University. Finished my Professional Teaching Certification at University of the Philippines Open University in December 2014. Currently taking up Master in Community Development at University of the Philippines Diliman.

Professional interests, among others, lie on community development, public health, education, research, capacity building, literacy, policy, program/project development and management.


This is my personal blog. I will post mostly about my thoughts, feelings and notable experiences. Writing is cathartic for me, especially for times I can’t speak what I feel. I write in a mix of English and Filipino/Tagalog. I prefer writing in English, but I prefer speaking in Filipino (ang hirap kapag foreigner kausap eh, sakit sa ulo haha)

I will not disclose my full name because anonymity gives me more freedom (and relative security) to articulate my thoughts. But if you really want to be my friend you can send me a message anytime.Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


6 thoughts on “About

    1. My tumblr url is kyeopta-ahjumma and I’ve been posting emo quotes lately haha. That’s good! Most of the blogs I follow are anime and manga enthusiasts (fangirl blogs too). Do you also have a tumblr?

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