Being 10

I’ve been thinking of my younger self for the past few weeks.

The months of April to May meant summer vacation. When I was 10, my mother told me there was an art class at the local elementary school. Staying at home will be boring (that mostly meant household chores and TV), so I decided to join. I was already drawing and painting on my own, but I was able to improve my skills in the art class. The instructor taught us how to use grids and circles for sketching humans and scaling. We were also taught lettering (serif, script, and gothic) and charcoal drawing. For coloring, we mostly used colored pencils and paint.

The previous year, I decided to resurrect my bike which was left for around 1-2 years in our shed. It still had the training wheels on – and I was determined to learn biking without them. My uncle, who was still alive then, removed the wheels. I was able to learn in two tries with just a small scratch. Riding became my ticket to freedom. (1999 was also the time where I was mistaken a few times for a young boy! I had a short hair and I used to wear whatever I want 😛 Even as I went into college and in my 20s, I’m usually mistaken by others for a tomboy. I just don’t fit with the stereotype 🙂 )

That summer, I rode my bike to class and back home. It was the time I had the most fun in my childhood. Summer ended and June meant the start of classes. Our art instructor had a shop in the province’s capital. On our last day, he offered me apprenticeship. I was very surprised – I didn’t expect it. I was the only one he asked from our class. He probably saw my potential.

I told him I’ll ask my mother first but I eventually declined his offer. I had to go home directly after school. Also in our province, it was dangerous for anyone to go home late since there were only few public transportation available in the evening bound for our town.

Although I wasn’t able to continue learning art formally, I still practiced on my own. 16 years after, I’m drawing and painting on my spare time. I’m planning to return to biking again this year. 🙂

Started biking way much younger, around 4 years old. This was easier to learn though.

One thought on “Being 10

  1. The bike itself will always be reminiscent of my formative years as well. Lemme think… 10 years old, so that’s 1994. Ah, I was already listening to Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also remember a lot of TV shows. Most especially those late morning and late afternoon cartoons like Huck Finn, Dog of Flanders, Remi, Twins of Destiny (Julio at Julia, Kambal ng Tadhana). And I imagine my bike as Shaider’s Blue Hawk, the motorcycle. 😀

    If you were able to pursue art back then, with the apprenticeship and that, imagine how your currently may have turned out. Ah well, it’s all in the right timing, innit? I miss biking too. I should seriously consider going to Nuvali just for that.

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