What was being in love with you like?

It was different.

It was remembering the good things and the happier memories I had when I was younger, before I went to college.

It was finding the creativity and imagination I had forgotten when people and events forced me to shut off from the world.

It was like resurrecting the spirit and courage I had lost when I got older.

It was having the courage to try new things and being excited about the little ones.

It was appreciating again the beauty of simplicity, a breath of fresh air, a rekindling of my former fascination with nature.

It was reminiscing the pride for our roots, our culture, of being who we are as a Filipino.

It was admiration and respect for who you are–what you are fighting for and for trying to be strong, to keep your identity and principles intact even if what we are against is insurmountable.

I loved you even if you were annoying. I loved you even if you chose to be silent about things that matter. But I loved you even more when you said sorry.

I am happy I chose you, but I would be happier if you choose me.


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