This Is The Moment When Your Heartbreak Will End


This feels like it was written for me.

Job. Future. Family. Grad school.

It’s me.

Thought Catalog

krissana_renae    krissana_renae

It’s fascinating how much of a strong filter that heartbreak can have on your life. What was beautiful and perfect and colorful yesterday or last week or last year is now dull and empty and meaningless and ugly to look at.

Heartbreak is powerful. And at some point, it stops becoming an emotion, a feeling, a phase that you’re just going through right now.

Instead, it becomes like a gas that fills up your entire body. There’s no end in sight. It always seems to be expanding. Getting stronger. Filling up the space in your veins and your stomach and your head.

You wake up with it, you go to bed with it, and in the hours in-between that you have to fill, it’s your constant companion. Sitting with you when you drink your coffee in the morning. Vibrating behind your eyelids while you’re sitting at work trying…

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