Making rational decisions is difficult, especially when it involves a complex range of emotions. It is hard to make decisions that will affect people’s lives. It is futile to convince a person who has been blinded and has closed himself to the world and opportunities he has yet to see. It is like trying to convince an eagle that was made to believe he was a chicken condemned to the life of coops and low-lying tree branches to spread its wings and fly towards the cerulean sky.

You offered a person something greater and for the long-term. Yet what he chooses to see and prioritize is filling the immediate need for gratification, refusing to give up the chase of a prize which is really an idea and sadly not the person, and continuing to live and be drunk in an illusory world.

When you have analyzed the whole situation, words, and behavior, and weighed all the consequences, eventually decisions must be done. Over the years, people have often underestimated me and my abilities because of my hesitation to deliver a blow. But I am the type of person who hesitates because I want to hear other people’s sides and deliberate before making judgments. However, when I put my mind into things, when I believe I am right and what I do is right, then there is no turning back, and lessons will have to be learned.

When people take you for granted, do not see your worth, and make you feel less than you are–leave. Life is cruel, but it is too short and too beautiful to be wasted.

I found my wings again. And I will fly with someone who chooses to soar together towards the sky with me.


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