7 Signs You’re A Pluviophile

Thought Catalog

Garden StateGarden State

1. You Find Comfort In The Rain

There’s something about the rain that just takes you to nirvana. You can relax and be at a state of peace with yourself. You don’t feel gloomy when it rains, but instead you find joy and happiness. You enjoy staying in and watching Netflix on your couch while eating a bowl of popcorn or you also enjoy reading while sipping on some hot cocoa. The rain makes you feel safe and sound.

2. You Enjoy Being Outside

You don’t care if it’s raining. If you want to go out to buy some groceries, you will go out without any hesitation, just like it’s any other normal day. But what you enjoy the most is not reaching your destination, but getting there. You enjoy walking on the streets seeing other people hurrying up or you enjoy the cab ride because you can…

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