One of my desires in life is to feel wanted, passionately–in somebody else’s life.

I want to be someone whom he wants to talk to–first in the morning, when he wakes up–and last in the evening, before he goes to sleep. I want to be someone’s resting place after a long day; I want him to crave me–my arms, my smell, my body, everything–from the moles at the sides of my eyes and neck, to the scars on my chest and back.

I want someone to want me so badly in his life that he will patiently and perseveringly break down walls I built over the years to protect myself. I want someone to accept me for who I am, independent and ambitious–but at the same time understand that I could become a better person with him because he gives me new perspectives, opportunities and experiences to grow.

I want someone who wants me in his life as the first choice–never the option.

I want someone who wants me to stay until the end, and understands that for us to achieve this, we both have to share the same commitment and effort.

I hope and pray, that I could be wanted as much as I wanted to be.


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