To be honest, I’m not doing well the past few days. Several days ago, my cousin from the LGU messaged me in Facebook out of the blue. She asked where I was and if I was already in Manila. I told her I’m here in Manila since October. She answered, “Too bad, we can’t avail your services anymore.” I felt my anger rising again as the memories came back.

The worst that happened though, was this. It was my father’s 21st death anniversary on the 18th. The next day, my mother texted me and asked me to pray for him that day, thinking it was his anniversary. I was the only one who remembered the exact date of his death, me who only had 4 years to be with him, while my mother and sister had 13 years.

I can’t focus, I can’t sleep, I cry. I wake up in the middle of the night again. I just want some peace of mind, even if it means being cut off from the family. I am too tired of doing things for them. I deserve to be happy again.


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