Today I cried.

Today I wasn’t able to hold in the different kind of stress and pressure I have in my current work, of being severely limited in my use of professional knowledge and skills, of having to kiss asses everyday. 

Today I wasn’t able to hold in the frustration and anger I feel at being severely limited at home, of feeling unbearably lonely and unhappy, and of still feeling heartbroken at almost 8 months already.  

Today I just can’t take it anymore.

I am tired, my mind is tired, my body is tired, my heart is tired.



4 thoughts on “

    1. salamat bossing sa words of encouragement. 🙂 tiis-tiis na lang talaga muna. balang araw, everything will be worth it.

  1. Don’t cry! Life is never entirely happy or sad. Take something good out of everyday and use that to “carry on” as the previous commentor said.

    1. There are really times that life becomes too much for me and I can’t even rely on my family, which makes it even harder. I am still glad and very blessed to have friends and other people who cheer me on. Thank you 🙂

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