The Definitive Guide to Digital Pianos

Note to self. Might buy a digital piano instead of real one in the future considering costs and mobility.


Sometimes a real piano just won’t work. You might be a cost-conscious parent, wary of snapping up a pricey Steinway for a kid more interested in baseball than bass clefs. Or perhaps you’re going to college, and despite your gifts in spatial reasoning, you won’t be squeezing Dad’s 800-pound Baldwin grand in your 80-square foot dorm room.

Say hello to the digital piano, a far cheaper, much lighter, electronic solution that never goes out of tune. Unlike those plastic 44-key Casio keyboards of the ’90s, today’s top digital pianos feature fully-weighted keys, life-like reverb effects, and beautiful sound quality sampled from the world’s nicest grand pianos. But be careful: there’s a surprisingly large divide between an imitation electronic keyboard and a responsible digital piano. Here’s what to look for:

Number of Keys

Unless you’re a DJ or a digital artist on a keyboard workstation, just stick to 88 keys…

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