6 months back at home

People might say I’m an ingrate and a worthless daughter for saying this but, at almost 25, moms should already stop meddling with their children’s lives.

Being with my mom for a 1-week vacation made me feel suffocated. It wasn’t a vacation for me, since I was also doing my work. 

Ever since she retired last year, she became clingy. When she chances me texting (usually for work or the few friends I have frequent contact for the past 6 months), she suspiciously asks who I’m texting. Last Saturday, she has to announce at a family reunion (yep, over the microphone) that my cousin and I were single (we are living fine as single women, thank you). She frequently uses the guilt card whenever she wants something done for her or with her. 

I love my mom, but sometimes she’s too much. She often forgets that I’m not 15 or 16 anymore. She has difficulty letting her work management styles go. I know she’s already getting old, but I don’t want to revolve my life around her. I have a life of my own too. I don’t want the prime of my years go to waste by being chained to a small town.

I’m sorry mom, but you have to let me go. You have to realize I’m not your “baby” anymore. The more you want to keep me at your side, the more I’ll fight for my freedom. 


One thought on “6 months back at home

  1. I can really relate to this post. I am actually struggling with my parents a lot. Unfortunately, my culture makes it seem ok for them to be controlling and make me seem as an ungrateful daughter. For now, I am trying to exclude them from many decisions to show that I can manage on my own. I wish they would understand that I am a adult now and that I can do really well on my own.

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