Found a new motivation.

I have always wanted to take a postgraduate degree; it would be nice if it could be nearer to what I’ve studied when I was in college (I’m a BS Nursing grad). It is clinical or hospital nursing that I am not fond of, not really nursing in general. However, opportunities for my profession as a nurse are limited and inflexible in the Philippines. Add to that the prevalent view of the lay people that nurses are only confined to clinical work in hospitals and “servants” of the doctors. My interest lie primarily more on public or community health, of helping many people achieve better lives. Life is short, so while I am young I thought (I feel like I’m gonna die early, around 40s-50s), I would like to help as many people as I can.

I visited the webpage of Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Public Health and I was thrilled to see interesting majors, some of which are not offered here in our country. I’m particularly interested in Health Care Management and Policy. I’m not planning to take a master’s degree this year, but definitely in 3-5 years I will. I’m building my work experience as well as my bank account for this. At where I am now, I don’t think someone would fall in love with an intelligent crazy young woman, much more, an ambitious one. So if I have to spend the rest of my personal life alone, I think that’s ok, as long as I know I have helped a lot of people and see their lives improve. That’s another form of love.

I’m choosing among Major in Health Economics and Policy (Political Economy), Major in Community Health Promotion, and Major in Health Care Organization and Health Communication.

If you’re also in the health professions too, and is interested in taking a postgraduate degree at Seoul National University, you can check their site at this link:


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