10 Unexpected Things That Make You A Better Person

Thought Catalog

One of the great truths that I write about (probably too frequently) is that bad things make pathways to good things, if not the fact that bad things teach good things and bad things often are good things. I feel like my 7th grade English teacher would be cringing with how many times I just used “good” and “bad” in a sentence.

But really, it’s resistance to change, to reality, to realizing where we’re headed before we’re there, to what we’ve assigned the term “success” or not, that makes us miserable. There are no dark times that do not double as turning points. It’s all a matter of how we see them. And this is in no way exhaustive. It couldn’t be. These are just a few things that people too often look back on with remorse and shame when they’re the things that largely accounted for making them better than they…

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