We just found out today that the newest research assistant (RA) we hired, who also has the same name (but different spelling) as mine, also has the same birth date. Yep, we’re born on the same month, the same day, the same year.

To tell the truth, I really don’t like my first name. It’s so common that I haven’t been at a place where I don’t have someone with the same name as mine (I hate it so much I’m not even going to name my daughter after myself LOL).

And I’m not really particularly fond of this new RA because she doesn’t speak politely, i.e. she seldom uses “po”/”opo” when talking to other senior co-workers (In the Philippines, we generally use “po” and “opo” when addressing someone older than you [even by 1 year]. Unfortunately, these words don’t have equivalents in the English language so I can’t really explain them very well in terms of grammar). She also speaks like she’s angry, but she’s actually not.

Well, I’m just glad she’s on a different project and she’s not under me (I’m now second in command after the research associates and the only senior research assistant in the office).

Anyway, the good news is that I’m FREE!~ We have no work starting tomorrow until Easter Sunday, so I’ll be staying here at our boarding house (I don’t have money to go back to the province either). I’ll watch movies, anime, K- and J-dramas! This might be the only free week we’re gonna have for the first of the year and I really need this “me” time to de-stress.


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