With all the bad news (bad news = no fund releases = NO FUCKING SALARY) we’ve been getting from the projects we’re currently handling, I just don’t know what to do anymore.

God, it’s already March. We’re at our fucking limit.

If worse comes to worst, I will resign and find another work. If our boss really cares about us, she would’ve at least donated her salaries for the past few months to us as payment. She’s a tenured professor (and her family’s pretty much in the upper middle class) so she has a regular salary. Most of us are project-based (contractual). Does she seriously think it’s ok not to have salaries for the fucking 3 1/2 months (technically it’s 4 1/2 months, since our October salary was “borrowed” from another project’s funding and the 13th month pay is still excluded here)?

I have high respect for her in terms of her knowledge and experience in the health research field, but please do have some respect to your subordinates. Give us the compensation we deserve.

And fuck government bureaucracy. Fuck the upper echelons. You’re so wrapped in your own little worlds that don’t even know you’re crushing the other people’s lives by your petty power plays!

Let’s see what will happen next week, as all of us finally decided to bring it up to her at the next office coordination meeting. Worst case scenario: mass resignation.


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