Why I sometimes ask myself whether my older sister is really my genuine sister

This is an excerpt from a chat my older sister and I had just this evening:

S: sinabi ko sa kanya saan mali ko dun? binasa niyo ba post ko? stupid yung nag react ng bonggang bongga na supposedly positive un hindi nega. walang issue dun. mother ko hindi perfect at wala akong tinatago sa kanya.. marunong ako mag confront at di ako nagsasabi ng kung anu-ano sa ibang tao without telling her that im pissed off!

Me: ung pinipertain ko n stupid dun, d lng yang post n yan. may mga napost k nang dti n nkakalagay sau s alanganin, ung iba with ethicolegal implications p.

S: wla kaung pakialam page ko un. gawa rin kau ng sarili niyong controversy


She deleted this “controversial” post probably few days before, since I can’t see it on her FB timeline anymore. I didn’t check the comments on her post again. This is non-verbatim, but from what I can remember, her Facebook post goes something like this: “My mother is my bestfriend and my beastfriend…” I, for one, at first reading, thought it was a funny post because I personally know what my mother and older sister’s relationship is like. But somehow, other people took the post as negative. Unfortunately, my aunt in the US took it also negatively and even called our mother because of that post, in which the latter suddenly texted me last Monday, worrying in the middle of the night.

My older sister has this tendency to post and update her Facebook like a celebrity. With a thousand FB friends and counting, everyone (well, almost) can see her posts and comments.

There had been several times when she was still working as a nurse in Saudi, that she posted some rants about her employers and some coworkers there. She even posted pictures of her pedia patients without permission from the parents that it alarmed our cousin, who is a lawyer. Who wouldn’t be frightened then? What if somebody from the KSA government read her posts and tracked her down? We’re all concerned for her safety since we know that Saudi is very strict (and very cruel IMO) in terms of punishing violators.

At that time, my mother already told her to stop posting those kinds of messages in FB, but my older sister even got angry and even threatened our mother to unfriend her in FB. It’s actually kind of funny, but at the same time, you can’t help but get really pissed and frustrated at her for seeing only her side of the story.

And now this. I really, really, really feel so angry and frustrated. “Gawa rin kau ng sarili nyong controversy.” REALLY. So, in that case, she’s enjoying the attention, albeit negative, the people have been giving her?

I don’t really regret calling her “stupid”. Because by the way she acts, she’s actually confirming that she is.


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